We continuously strive to achieve the highest level of excellence in the academic assistance field, and we have made significant steps toward this goal since 2007.

How We Hire Writers?

When applicants apply to become writers and editors with our company, they must pass our strict registration process, which includes taking several tests. First, we assess an applicant’s knowledge of the English language – each writer must sit for a 4-hour test online based on a textbook by The Oxford University Press. Moreover, applicants must pass a test on command of standard citation styles such as APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard. The last step to complete is writing a sample paper, which is assessed by the Writers Evaluation Department.

How is a Writer’s Sample Work Evaluated?

The assessment criteria for writing samples consist of grammar, language, writing style, professionalism and readability. This means each writer is responsible for his or her level of English proficiency as well as his or her understanding and expertise in various academic subjects.

Do We Keep Updated with the Writers’ Achievements?

We use a Quality Control system and a Writers’ Rating system to monitor and rate our writers performance statuses. Our rating system includes several indicators, such as:

  • A professional editor’s assessment of a writer’s general writing skills. This is based on assessing three randomly selected papers a writer has completed during the previous two weeks.
  • The average rating provided by customers who have worked with a specific writer within a specified discipline.
  • Disciplinary points based on lateness, revisions, and disputes.
  • Percentage of repeat customers that ask for a specific writer.
  • The writers’ preferences in disciplines.

The advantage of this is flexibility in controlling quality and ratings. This allows us to quickly provide the most current rating for each writer. Because this system is so flexible, however, a writer’s rating can fluctuate. If you request a writer with whom you have worked before, you may be charged an additional fee if that writer’s rating has increased to an advanced status. Likewise, you may find that you are not charged the usual fee if your request a writer who has been downgraded from advanced status. Regardless, we encourage you to request any writer who has previously proven to satisfy your writing needs.

Where Do the Writers Come from?

We employ freelance writers from various countries from all over the world, such as the United States, Kenya, Canada, Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, France, the UK, India,Pakistan, and many other countries. All of our writers must demonstrate a sufficient command of English and a good understanding of academic subjects, so that all customers may be sure to obtain a high standard of writing quality. This high quality is sure to correspond to the customers’ academic levels, even if a non-native speaker completes their papers.

However, if you only prefer a native English speaker to complete your paper, you may select this option in the Writer’s category in the Order form.

How is an Order Assigned to the Writer?

Once we receive an order request from you, we immediately seek the most suitable writer to complete the order. We are constantly improving our writer selection system, which depends on our knowhow and experience. It also relies on a complicated system of parameters that consists of the writers’ backgrounds and skills. In particular, we make sure all our writers’ current workloads allow them time to concentrate fully on your assignment and complete it according to your expectations.

Can I Be Sure in a Writer’s Skills before He or She Begins Working on My Assignment?

Yes. For an additional fee of just $5, you will be provided with three samples of a writer’s previous work. This will demonstrate the writer is as qualified and language proficient as you expect. This option is available during the ordering process.

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